Saga [noun]

Definition of Saga:

story, often long

Synonyms of Saga:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saga:


Sentence/Example of Saga:

Since the days of Orry, we have had nothing to tell in Saga, if the Sagaman were here.

Her son claimed that he had inherited his love of “song and saga” from her.

It takes the form of a saga and is entitled Hall of the Three Legs.

No saga will ever glorify their deeds, no epic make them immortal.

Arthur, King of Bertangenland (Saga), 379; daughter of, 393.

See the account of the custom in the Saga of Harald Hardrada, c. 16.

The relation of the Saga to authentic history had always been close.

There is a return in this to the original nature of the Saga, in some respects.

This saga has been translated into English by William Morris.

A Tirolese saga speaks of a man who had a wife of unknown extraction.