Sagaciously [adverb]

Definition of Sagaciously:


Synonyms of Sagaciously:

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Sentence/Example of Sagaciously:

"It's very far downstairs here, you know," said Terry sagaciously.

Toward these things it is our right and duty to be sagaciously and supremely selfish.

But, peradventure, it may be sagaciously urged, how is this?

Slowly and sagaciously he disentangled all his coil of policies.

"It will be 'up' again, in time," proceeded Mollie, sagaciously.

He wagged his head so sagaciously at this speech, that Patty was forced to smile.

Sagaciously, under their spectacles, did they peep into the holds of vessels!

"That's just what I've been thinking," said young Blake sagaciously.

"Looks like a schoolboy's writing," suggested Will sagaciously.

"Yes; but let me tell you this, India is not England," observed the doctor, sagaciously.