Sagged [verb]

Definition of Sagged:


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Sentence/Example of Sagged:

The drifting boat lurched and sagged and turned her beam to the seas.

He hiccoughed resoundingly, and sagged back loosely in his chair.

She sagged in over the coast and came right on home, smoking like a torch.

The corners of his mouth were sagged, and his complexion made you think of cheese pie.

Then, in a little, he sagged forward, and his eyes went dull and abject.

But the front part of the sled seemed to have sagged into the snow.

Leverett, in a state of collapse, sagged back against an oak tree.

The clouds were leaden and sagged with the weight of snow about to fall.

As he spoke, he let go of the sweep and sagged heavily downward.

He sagged at the knees and slid to the floor beside the other guard.