Sags [noun]

Definition of Sags:

drop, decline

Synonyms of Sags:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sags:

Sentence/Example of Sags:

All one has to do is to stop thinking and sag, or stop thinking and slash.

The bubble was holding, but the morale of the crew was beginning to sag.

I can see the sag of their tired shoulders against the whitewashed wall.

It bent, swayed, gave with her, letting her sag to a larger limb below.

I've got on a pair of Wee Watts' now, and they sag something awful.

It did not sag, or lurch, or do any of those disreputable things.

So it may in perfect truth be said of you, that you are a scoundrel above all the scoundrels in the hateful ranks of Sag Nichtism.

Or an apple—if you shift your other ballast—will not sag you beyond locomotion.

There was a slight give and a sag, but the “human chain” held.

Afterwards, he himself returned to the neighborhood of the Sag.