Said [adjective]

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The first is a company with a large site with many individuals responsible for the upkeep of the said site.

Rioters ripped down fences, threw all manner of objects at the police including flags, bottles and metal poles from said fences, scaled the stairs and climbed scaffolding.

The company then ran into financial difficulties that led to its filing for bankruptcy protection in March, before emerging from said bankruptcy in July thanks to a deal funded in part by the UK government, and in part by Bharti Global.

A good plan for the "he-said" girl is to take her father as her ideal, and hero and lover.

The truth of this is not to be gain-said, but it is the utterance of an engineer who judges the merit of a thing by its utility.

Close by the entrance stood a booth festooned with lamps and lanterns of every sort, with above it scrawled "Aladdin-Ibn-Said."

Miss Vivian said-you know what she's like when she's in a hurry.

"I s-s-said y-you," corrected Master Sturtevant, rising and taking a few cautious steps to test the state of his legs.

The a-four-said honest old man carried a bloo cotton umbreller in one hand, and an acksminister carpet bag in t'other.

That chap some of you talk aboutLloyd George!said the Chief, suddenly rubbing his tobacco again with energy.