Sail [verb]

Definition of Sail:

travel through water, air; glide

Synonyms of Sail:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sail:







Sentence/Example of Sail:

He didn't go on board till the morning on which the ship was to sail.

A five, a four and the main,' shouted the big man, with a voice like the flap of a sail.

We had a ship, a brig, and twelve schooners, fourteen sail in all.

A little later the larboard fore-sheet went, and the sail was split.

We set it, double-reefed, which made it but a rag of a sail, and yet the ship felt it directly.

The St. Louis was with us most of this time, though she did not sail from America in company.

It was said to consist of twenty-four sail of the line, six frigates, and three sloops.

Nelson pursued them with ten sail of the line and three frigates.

Of thirteen sail of the line, nine were taken and two burned.

It was reported that the French were again out with 18 or 20 sail.