Sailboat [noun]

Definition of Sailboat:

a boat propelled with wind by sailcloth

Synonyms of Sailboat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sailboat:


Sentence/Example of Sailboat:

There were two or three schooners far out, and nearer shore, a sailboat.

Then the whole party was to go down to the wharf and the sailboat.

One fork turned to the right, which led to where the sailboat had been secured.

They just went past in a sailboat and they are bound across the lake.

The Zephyr was rapidly approaching the Sylph, as the sailboat was called.

This is Beach Cliff, where we have to take a sailboat to Killykinick.

Fruit of basswood as a sailboat, and a few others as adapted to the water.

To borrow a boat from John Massey—can you manage a sailboat?

In later years a sailboat was substituted over this same route.

Reaching the sailboat, never was found a happier face than Mae's.