Sailcloth [noun]

Definition of Sailcloth:

coarse material

Synonyms of Sailcloth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sailcloth:


Sentence/Example of Sailcloth:

I will procure, if commissioned, any quantity of sailcloth and cordage.

The picture was executed on a piece of sailcloth, in a boathouse at Cremyll.

There were curtains of sailcloth put over the windows to obscure the sunlight.

Then she put it to bed, and wrapped it up carefully in its sailcloth blanket.

They are still within the grotto, unseen, as the sailcloth curtains it.

A shelter may be made with a piece of sailcloth or other material as shown in Fig. 6.

You'd better be slinging me over a sailcloth or something, or else the water'll fill her.

Spreading a piece of sailcloth on the ground, I summoned my boys to set to work.

I then asked Abraham for a piece of sailcloth to serve as a towel.

I had heard that the custom was to sew them up in sailcloth or something, and weight them well.