Sailed [verb]

Definition of Sailed:

travel through water, air; glide

Synonyms of Sailed:

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Sentence/Example of Sailed:

We sailed that day in the small boat for Narragansett,—I know not where.

They had known what to expect from such a general, since the day when they sailed for Thrace.

We stood off a piece, and sailed around it and over it, and it was just grand.

It was as though they might have sailed so upon that wonderful voyage forever.

I was put on board as a passenger, and we sailed about a week after the ship got in from London.

In January we sailed, making the best of our way for the straits of Gibraltar.

The brig loaded with cocao, in bulk, at Guayaquil, and sailed for Cadiz.

We sailed two days after I joined the brig, and had a ten or twelve days' passage.

We took in a return cargo of brandy, and sailed for Philadelphia.

I now inquired for the Brandywine, but found she had sailed for the Mediterranean.