Sailors [noun]

Definition of Sailors:

person who travels by sea

Synonyms of Sailors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sailors:


Sentence/Example of Sailors:

All the sailors had a kind word for him, and many were the praises which he received in the forecastle.

Such of the sailors as happened to be on deck shared his feelings.

A boat was got ready, and the captain got in, with four sailors to row.

Slowly and reluctantly, the sailors took their places, for Robert was a favorite with them.

A party of sailors, headed by an officer, came out of the woods, and headed for the shore.

The ships were undermanned, for the sailors, too, had been ashore feasting.

The mob of London were less compassionate than the sailors had been.

Such was often the fate of sailors, in that day, who were with you one day, and lost for ever the next.

Among our people were soldiers, sailors, and 'long-shore-men'.

How true is it, that "sailors make their money like horses, and spend it like asses!"