Sainted [adjective]

Definition of Sainted:

good, righteous

Synonyms of Sainted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sainted:

Sentence/Example of Sainted:

This stone was thrown at the sainted Stephen, and the other two are from the Tower of Babel.

"It came white after my shaving by a sainted barber in the Holy House," said Castell.

Indeed, good master, on my knees I swear that what I said is sainted truth.

He has, moreover, a hoard of debts, the result of the luxury of his sainted forefathers.

They are all worthy of our praise, but to me, Mrs. Lannarck is sainted, and apart from the rest.

What is the thirteenth rule in the code of the sainted Joseph Smith?

She ranks with the glorious sisterhood, who have gone to the rest of the sainted.

My beloved, now sainted, mother had come to see me off from Liverpool.

“By the beard of my sainted maiden aunt,” said Chief Multhaus in awe.

Sainted mother, for thy sake, for all our sakes, I will do well by Juliet.