Saintly [adjective]

Definition of Saintly:

good, righteous

Synonyms of Saintly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saintly:

Sentence/Example of Saintly:

Wilfrid also was one of the saintly architects of the period.

They penned me up here with these saintly mothers and these angelic children.

At the Tambov hermitage the anchorite Hilary, a man of saintly life, has died.

She confided in me a little in those days, but ever with a most saintly resignation.

"Indeed, none too saintly," said I, speaking my thoughts aloud.

She is so saintly she may like the fire, for I am afraid there will be none where she has gone.

But that patriarchal old tub, like some saintly retreat, echoed nothing of it.

Men they were who inherited the blood of the saintly Langton and of his lordly Barons.

He smiled, benignantly, and granted my request with a saintly amiability.

If so, what became of the genuine and saintly James de la Cloche?