Saints [noun]

Definition of Saints:

holy person

Synonyms of Saints:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saints:


Sentence/Example of Saints:

And here I drink to mine old comrades, and the saints be with them!

She had all the ethereal beauty of the saints relieved from their bodies.

Angelique recollected the night she had passed there under the protection of these saints.

The saints are always victorious, and yet they are constantly obliged to renew the battle.

And as for the angels and saints, they are the ordinary companions of men.

Your saints, who seem to have turned your head, they led single lives.

May the Mother of God and all the saints have you in their keeping!

There were domed tombs of saints, glittering like snow-palaces in the sun.

The saints did not seem to me, particularly interested in finding her.

Now may the blessings of all the saints fall on thine honest head!