Sake [noun]

Definition of Sake:

benefit, gain

Synonyms of Sake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sake:

Sentence/Example of Sake:

For his sake, I am glad once more to be in my own happy home.

"It is partly for your sake that I wish it, my poor child," said he.

If these guests were kin of his, they were welcome for his sake.

Not for myself, but for my Master's sake, I demand your friendship and fidelity.

If you can command the good creature to a place worthy of her, pray do for my sake.

For her sake her beloved sister should be cordially welcomed.

"For heaven's sake, child, make up your mind quickly," said Katherine.

I have borne it for my mother's sake--in spite of her dislike of me--and for your sake, because I loved you.

There is still beauty of earth, sea, and sky, for beauty's sake.

But should it not, and should it fall into their hands, it would not concern me but for your sake.