Salaam [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Salaam:

She stood there waving her hand wildly and rating me for not returning her salaam.

This means we had better say salaam; so we say it and they say it, adding the usual "Go and come."

I have seen sixty or seventy of an evening come in and make this sort of salaam.

They do not stand at the door and salaam and cringe, like the ordinary mendicant.

They salaam to him, beg of him to intercede for them, and kiss his hands.

He turned to the picture at once, and said, Sahib, Salaam aleicoum.

He made his salaam, and was invited to sit on the Amrs left, on the ground.

The d festival: salaam to the Amr: the educating of Afghans.

Amr in the Salaam Khana: reception of the Maleks and merchants: presents.

The Princes then shook hands and went in to salaam His Highness.