Salacious [adjective]

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Similarly, the word "salacious," or lustful, had this origin.

"It takes a nasty, salacious mind to make that kind of separation," I said.

He had looked at life with the salacious eyes of a Peeping Tom.

"The citizen of Chartres is money-getting, apathetic, and salacious," replied the Abbé Plomb.

Is there one who prefers my writings to those of the salacious warbler, the wanton lacivious little Moore?

Fromentin was singing,—a ribald marching song, an unprintable thing, salacious and vilifying the Boches.

In his leading novels he dwells a long time on salacious equivocation, or on a scene of lewdness.

The Premier is an unscrupulous character, the Bishop a salacious humbug.

This open appeal to salacious instincts is most objectionable and we can see no justification for allowing it.

The chief resurrectionist was one Abraham Hay-ward, known as a teller of salacious stories at the Athenaeum.