Salaries [noun]

Definition of Salaries:

money paid for work done

Synonyms of Salaries:

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Sentence/Example of Salaries:

In the fifth year of the settlement these salaries, reckoned in money, amounted to from £350 to £600.

But when it comes to appointments and salaries, this absolute freedom must cease.

I require the equality of salaries, the division of benefits, the glorification of the protectorate.

We do not often call them "salaries" but wages, and probably with some discrimination.

Besides, as soon as we prove the thing a success, we'll increase the salaries.

Some thought a general reduction of salaries would not be amiss.

As a rule directors have no salaries attached to their positions.

All the salaries are doubled or trebled; we have given the figures above.

The salaries of teachers were larger than those of any other public position.

The loss of his places, his salaries, his pensions, was the least that he had to dread.