Sales [noun]

Definition of Sales:

exchange of object for money

Synonyms of Sales:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sales:


Sentence/Example of Sales:

The account of sales is in the hand writing of Capt. Thomas Potts.

All the sales of sheep and lambs are by the "clad score" which contains twenty-one.

You're here to keep up our sales and increase them if you can.

The sales of the article were made by the captain, up at the factory.

The mere mention of him suffices to send up a paper's sales!

In 1862, the sales had grown to two hundred and forty thousand dollars.

Noisy and too fond of company, he was not much good for sales, but for buying he had not his equal.

And as for sales—why, 'The Black Brig'—that was the last one, wasn't it?

Beatrice is going to finance the publication of it and Gay is going to be the sales manager.

No; its proprietor had no recollection of any sales to strangers.