Salesmen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Salesmen:

However, the crowd round the salesmen's desks was still increasing.

Not at all; he will find people there who, seeing the want, undertake the office of salesmen.

The salesmen collected and in turn got forty per cent of the pickings.

Salesmen presented their letters of introduction to the mayor of a city.

Even the salesmen, whom he paid off, looked on him only as a man in a cage.

He may be one of a force of salesmen, each of (p. 306)whom has his own territory.

They must know why men do what they do and how to make them do what they, the salesmen, want them to do.

Let it be understood, I cherish no resentment toward the salesmen.

And then a lot of the salesmen at our shop are jealous of me, and one thing and another.

Sixty or seventy salesmen, clerks, girls—these Una was beginning to know.