Salivation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Salivation:

Salivation is present, the gums are sore, at times lacerated.

Salivation is insufficient, the patellar reflex intermittent.

Sucking chlorate of potash has been recommended to check the salivation.

Salivation is set up by the inflammation of the mouth and pharynx.

It excites no salivation, and leaves behind it no unpleasant, stale odor.

Fetid breath, salivation, and difficulty in deglutition are usually the first manifestations of the disease to attract attention.

Salivation is another affection which is occasionally, though rarely, met with in pregnancy.

When salivation has been induced, serum is poured out, and the texture of the gums is loosened and rendered spongy.

Salivation is by no means a necessary object, nor have we seen it produced even by a scruple dose of calomel.

Don't think, because your teeth are adjustable, thet none o' yore other functions ain't open to salivation.