Sallied [verb]

Definition of Sallied:

depart, abandon physically

Opposite/Antonyms of Sallied:

Sentence/Example of Sallied:

The naked flats were very wide, and we sallied out, with the bridge as our guide.

Then they took up the box between them, and sallied out to meet the mail.

After breakfast he and Climene sallied forth to take the air upon the quays.

As they sallied forth, Seuthes rose to accompany them, like the soberest of men.

At once the Apaches sallied forth from their cover in full cry after him.

De Guzman sallied out to meet them and was killed at the head of his troops.

He soon returned with his cap, and they sallied out together.

With the first streak of day I sallied out to find the means of locomotion.

I imagined they had sallied, and made the confusion I observed.

He treated himself to a third scotch whisky, and sallied out into the rain.