Sallow [adjective]

Definition of Sallow:

pale, unhealthy

Synonyms of Sallow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sallow:

Sentence/Example of Sallow:

They were hard-featured men, sallow of complexion, rigid in their looks.

Her face was sallow and dry, and the luster had gone from her black hair.

The perspiration stood in beads on the boy's sallow forehead; but he said nothing.

His cheek was sallow, his nose aquiline, his mouth compressed.

Under his ruddy tan his skin was no longer fresh, but dull and sallow.

"The tribunal will inform you," replied the familiar—a tall, sallow, elderly man.

He paused, his sallow face flushed with the enthusiasm of his idea.

Then a flush crept into his sallow cheeks and mounted to his brow.

His face was sallow, and the short brown beard was flecked with grey.

There was nothing in that sallow but handsome face that revealed a clew to anything.