Sally [noun]

Definition of Sally:

venture off path

Synonyms of Sally:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sally:


Sentence/Example of Sally:

The laughter at this sally was all it should have been, even the host joining in it.

Gray Peter had been fresher than Sally at the end of the run of the day before.

All in all, Gray Peter was a glorious machine; Sally was a tricky intelligence.

Gray Peter's heart was never in doubt, but what would Sally's courage be in a pinch?

If Andrew had let out Sally she would have walked away from them all, but he dared not do that.

He whistled, and Sally came instantly to the call and dropped her head beside his own.

He looked at his hero, and then he looked into his mind and saw the picture of Sally.

Among these rocks, now, he would stand no chance with Sally.

He would go in, he would overhaul Sally, and then finish the chase with a play of revolvers.

Yet his heart rejoiced as he watched the manner in which Sally accepted these challenges.