Sallying [verb]

Definition of Sallying:

depart, abandon physically

Synonyms of Sallying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sallying:

Sentence/Example of Sallying:

Sallying forth just as he was he had made his way downstairs, followed by Blink.

The procession was just sallying forth, to go to the church.

The procession was just sallying forth on its way to church.

Twenty times I was on the point of sallying forth after her.

Then, sallying forth, they fired a volley, which drove the blacks to a distance.

He does not repress, he hails, opportunities for sallying outside his subject.

On sallying out, I found the horse was gone, and set out in pursuit of him.

Bob, a young Don Quixote, sallying forth to attempt the impossible!

This sallying abroad is only from uneasiness at home, which is in every one's self.

It was no ghostly Richard, sallying forth to upbraid Hugo for his misdeeds.