Salutations [noun]

Definition of Salutations:

greeting, recognition

Synonyms of Salutations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Salutations:

Sentence/Example of Salutations:

The presence of Monseigneur complicated the rites, the salutations, and the kisses.

He then turned to the ladies and Mr. Effingham, and repeated his salutations.

There he was recognised by many, but he scarcely answered their salutations.

The Clerk had recognised friends on the waggons, and was returning their salutations.

Salutations are exchanged on the stoop, reverences, handshakings, introductions.

After these salutations, the parties sat down, and orders were given.

Nobody is to mind him, to tease him with inquiries or salutations.

I have spoken to them many times of you, my Mother, and they desire I send you their salutations.

When he had made his salutations, however, he returned undismayed to the charge.

The first department treats of Introductions and Salutations.