Saluting [verb]

Definition of Saluting:

greet; honor

Synonyms of Saluting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saluting:




Sentence/Example of Saluting:

The Great Eastern was dressed, three cheers were given, and a salute was fired.

He came toward us, humble and cringing, giving the beautiful Arab salute.

She walked as if she went to meet the morning, and must salute it worthily.

Lorenzi lowered his point in salute, in accordance with the rules of fence.

Miss G. Lord, father, what a thump on the back to salute one with.

So, to this day, when friend meets friend, the word of salute Is still "Rejoice!"

You must allow me to salute you—the custom of the country, my dear madam—your daughter too.'

There was nothing left him but to salute, which he did as her voice broke the silence.

However, the Prince's partisans at length arrived to salute him.

A salute of six muskets was fired in honor of the regal visit.