Salvos [noun]

Definition of Salvos:


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Sentence/Example of Salvos:

There never was a rogue, who had not a salvo to himself for being so.

Beyond the Po they too had been awaiting the salvo of artillery that should be their signal to advance.

There was also no indication that Hoddy's salvo had had any effect on them.

(p. 419) A salvo of profanity from the train crew followed them.

In your presence I can do so without departing from my principles, salvo pudoribus.

The first round of this drink had been welcomed with a salvo of cheers.

Salvo followed salvo but a number of the shells failed to explode.

Then the Green House struck the door like a salvo of grapeshot.

Why, the truth is, he will be hard put to it to find a salvo for his honour.

But this was as a salvo to our conscience for not being at church.