Samovars [noun]

Definition of Samovars:

large jar

Synonyms of Samovars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Samovars:


Sentence/Example of Samovars:

But there was no more water in the samovar, so the hostess did not fill it up for him.

The samovar is hissing on the table by the stove, the tea things are set out.

The samovar, or Russian tea-urn, is boiling in the great room.

"So I have been told," said Malcolm, as he filled a glass with tea from the samovar.

The samovar is always boiling and some one is always drinking tea there.

In a little while she went to find Tatiana who had not yet brought the samovar.

"Ask whether the samovar is ready," Sasha ordered indifferently.

"Go to the dining-room, and I'll tell them to bring the samovar," she said, not answering his question.

The maid brought in the samovar, and the conversation was interrupted.

On the stove the samovar was singing merrily, all ready for my father.