Sampling [verb]

Definition of Sampling:

taste, try

Synonyms of Sampling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sampling:


Sentence/Example of Sampling:

She had his tin stew-pan on the fire and was bending over it, sampling the contents.

Dog and herder sniffed the evening air, sampling the new odor.

The sampling and the cabin and the tunnel count for assessment work.

To understand what this means, it is useful to contrast quotation and sampling.

He walked back to the anteroom and looked at the sampling chamber.

When sampling for trade delivery, about two-thirds of the bags in a chop are tried.

But sampling "the classes and masses" is not, blow me tight if it is!

Wonder why I catch 'em sampling me over their papers whenever I look up!

I'm supposed to be sampling in the city at this very moment.

"Does you credit," murmured Maudie, sampling the delicacy in question.