Sanatorium [noun]

Definition of Sanatorium:

mental institution

Opposite/Antonyms of Sanatorium:


Sentence/Example of Sanatorium:

As a sanatorium it might be of great value to the ships of the African Squadron.

She had heard him order the chauffeur to drive to the sanatorium.

At the sanatorium he had a bath and a good dinner, and made his rounds.

I'll stop to-morrow morning, child, on my way to the sanatorium, and take you over.

Napier will be the sanatorium of that side of the world one of these days.

Tell him I'll be back to-morrow with definite information about the sanatorium.

The important thing is to ship her off to a sanatorium immediately.

We heard later in the day that he was in the Sanatorium in a high fever.

He took us to a sanatorium that he knew about, where he said there was a good doctor; and so it proved.

About this sanatorium individual expressions of opinion have varied.