Sanctimonious [adjective]

Definition of Sanctimonious:


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Sentence/Example of Sanctimonious:

"If ever there was a sanctimonious hypocrite it's that Mrs. Cripps," she declared.

If ever I ran afoul of a sanctimonious pair of hypocrites they're the pair.

Who do you think you're kidding, Bev, you sanctimonious hypocrite—me?

He saw that a year at Dunwood House had produced a sanctimonious prig.

I don't know why you should have taken it into your head all of a sudden to be so sanctimonious.

They were the black-garbed, sanctimonious emissaries of superior forces.

He was jealous of Sherif and envied him his sanctimonious disciples.

Christianity, in his mind, had to do with sanctimonious Puritanism.

Yet for weeks he must have lied with a grim and sanctimonious face.

You always were sanctimonious when it was a question of doing things openly.