Sanctioned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sanctioned:

If his accession had seemed even a likely thing at the time, it would not have been sanctioned.

Some of the most flagrant of these, if not encouraged, have at least been sanctioned by the whites.

They were sanctioned by the authority of heaven, and it was deemed impiety to alter them.

How could anything that was wrong be sanctioned by the gods?

Its publication we may be sure would never have been sanctioned by Johnson.

The appointment of all government officials is to be sanctioned by her.

Time and events have sanctioned it; age has but strengthened it.

Suddenly she felt that whatever he sanctioned must be right.

It was invalid because it had been obtained by force, and invalid because it had not been sanctioned by the Pope.

It shall never be said I sanctioned the doom of other men and shrank from my own.