Sanctum [noun]

Definition of Sanctum:


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Sentence/Example of Sanctum:

As soon as Pierre was alone in the Cardinal's sanctum he examined it with curiosity.

I summon my companion, who joins me, and we enter our sanctum.

"So this is her sanctum," thinks her husband, glancing around.

I then called on Wendell Phillips in his sanctum for the same purpose.

In the sanctum was Devi, a large black figure with ten arms.

It was only when they were in the safety of their own sanctum that she fully unbosomed herself.

They have smoked the sanctum very blue, and are full of apologies.

On the fourth floor we come to the sanctum of the great man himself.

The whole place was in fact a sanctum of the collector's spirit.

My father bowed, but made no reply, and the son followed the father into the sanctum.