Sandbagged [verb]

Definition of Sandbagged:

restrict, prevent

Synonyms of Sandbagged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sandbagged:

Sentence/Example of Sandbagged:

“I thought he was dead when I saw him go down like he was sandbagged,” said the boy.

He might if he went to Chinatown and got sandbagged or something like that.

Ive been sandbagged and robbed, and evidently sold to you for a sailor, which I am not.

I'll be sandbagged and robbed if I go back without any for the other fellows.

I shouldn't be surprised if she sandbagged him and left him lying on the beach.

Supposing I'd gone round, looking for another buyer, he'd have had me doped or sandbagged before I'd made the sale.

The 4.7's are on top in sandbagged emplacements, and the 12-pounders are in other positions on the right.

The circular parapet can be built up any thickness, as just said; it should then be sandbagged over till the required height.

Our ward is on the first floor on one side of the yard, and the barred windows are sandbagged up part of the way.

Within six months, if you're not sandbagged or jailed on fake libel suits, you'll have a unique bibliography of swindles.