Sandbar [noun]

Definition of Sandbar:

bar of sand

Synonyms of Sandbar:





Opposite/Antonyms of Sandbar:


Sentence/Example of Sandbar:

Every island and sandbar was covered with dreary looking masses of driftwood of every conceivable variety.

She had run on a sandbar in the fog and was compelled to stay there for high water to get off.

At length, when our hero was all but exhausted, his feet struck a sandbar.

One of the sailors had seen a sandbar and a low line of land.

With a mad dash he was down the sandbar, up the bank and into the forest.

He still had his stick of sandbar willow with which he had made the river.

It has a sandbar and must be passed a little distant to the west.

On Long Island I have a little shack on a sandbar on the edge of the ocean.

From the quiver of the walls he guessed that the Hannah was stuck on a sandbar.

I then swum round and pushed that 'ere thing afore me, until I had got it high and dry on a sandbar.