Sandpapered [verb]

Definition of Sandpapered:

polish to a shine

Synonyms of Sandpapered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sandpapered:


Sentence/Example of Sandpapered:

The sandpaper must be applied unsparingly and always with the grain.

You were just rubbing the sandpaper and the cloth together and singing.

He could hear a faint rasping like the rustle of sandpaper, as they did so.

Move the third brush only 1/16 inch and then sandpaper the brush seat with 00 sandpaper.

His throat was like sandpaper and the words came out in a rasp.

In this case, the smooth surface of the sandpaper would be against the saw.

Like sandpaper it should not be used till all the work with cutting tools is done.

His brain was loose, and the inside of his skull was covered with sandpaper.

"Go as far as you like," said Jimmy, with sandpaper in his voice.

Sandpaper the parts thoroughly, then stain to match the other furniture.