Sanely [adverb]

Definition of Sanely:

in a reasonable manner

Synonyms of Sanely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sanely:

Sentence/Example of Sanely:

But why should a work planned so sanely have met with so fantastic a fate?

One must see it sanely even in order to see that it is insane.

"To be anything but decently and sanely frank about," said Jane.

Let us, therefore, keep our heads, and look at the problem calmly and sanely.

She has behaved patiently and sanely through a trying crisis.

Sanely, logically, methodically, everything had been thought out.

He talked to her beautifully and sanely, and sent her away actually uplifted.

I'm not morbid and we never did have any sickness—we lived too sanely for that.

After all, looking at it sanely, it didn't amount to so very much, what she had made.

For Stuart to behave so sanely was indeed a most alarming sign of madness in him.