Sang [verb]

Definition of Sang:

carry a tune with one's voice

Synonyms of Sang:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sang:

Sentence/Example of Sang:

But Hester was a live gospel to them—and most when she sang.

And then Rico sang the verse and was pleased and said, "Sing some more."

Nero, in which Mattheson sang the title part, was a failure.

He listened to solos from Lucia, which Mabel sang at Jane's suggestion.

Neither he nor the men to whom he recited or sang would have understood that mood.

They sang and they danced by instinct and as an expression of social feeling.

Then the man, less abstract than the woman, sang in his turn.

"There's less than a fathom of water here, sir," sang out Johnson from the bows.

I could not swim a stroke; and I sang out, lustily, for help.

Before Alberich stole the gold, the Nibelungs often sang as they worked.