Sanitarium [noun]

Definition of Sanitarium:

mental institution

Opposite/Antonyms of Sanitarium:


Sentence/Example of Sanitarium:

It was a big haystack in a little clearing, some distance from the sanitarium.

Are you sure they spoke about my uncle, and property and a sanitarium?

His first act was to go to a place where he could observe the sanitarium.

"Never has been a sanitarium in this neighborhood," replied Bart.

The fellow was attired in the uniform of an attendant at the sanitarium.

There ahead of him, perched on the cliff, at the foot of which the river flowed, was the sanitarium.

At that hour the night watch went on, and the sanitarium was more quiet.

"Maybe the telephone line runs to the sanitarium," suggested Fenn.

We can take that ladder to the woods near the sanitarium on the back of a donkey.

If it keeps up tomorrow night we could rescue every inmate in the sanitarium.