Sanity [noun]

Definition of Sanity:

mental health; soundness of judgment

Opposite/Antonyms of Sanity:

Sentence/Example of Sanity:

It was Pfeiffer who drew her out of the room and tried to talk reason and sanity to her.

There ought to be some other word that doesn't accuse his sanity in that degree.

Then you regained your sanity and put him in his rightful place.

Sanity may play with insanity; but insanity must not be allowed to play with sanity.

But if they had, one of them at least would have doubted the young man's sanity.

Doubt has been cast on his sincerity and also on his sanity.

I really believe you have saved the sanity of my friend Wentworth.

Sanity is a capacity for becoming accustomed to the monstrous.

The centuries are conspirators against the sanity and authority of the soul.

His sanity warned him that what he had seen had truly happened, and that the man was dead.