Sans [adjective]

Definition of Sans:

wanting, deficient

Synonyms of Sans:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sans:

Sentence/Example of Sans:

You said 'Forget the Sans' and went right on talking about them.

There are only about twelve or fifteen of the present sophs who are Sans worshippers.

The Sans used to be awfully noisy when they dined or lunched here.

There were all sorts of little points like that which the Sans used to argue with him.

You may believe the Sans will get no favors from her and her party crowd.

The Sans don't make a friend of a girl under the million mark, Lucy.

I don't want the rest of the Sans to know the way we worked that scheme.

Thus the illustrious Sans did not have to depend on the station's taxicabs.

Who told the Sans that you weren't going to allow them to come back to the Hall?

Of all the cast-iron, nickle-plated nerve, commend me to the Sans.