Sapience [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sapience:

But her "sapience," as you excellently call it, passes all decent bounds.

Apparently they were impressed with the sapience of his remark.

Sapience: the Book of Wisdom, but the quotation is actually from Proverbs xx.

In its archetype it is the Divine wisdom, or sapience, manifested in the creation.

Intervention, of course, is my responsibility, but the sapience question is yours.

The ways of sapience are not much liable either to particularity or chance.

Another is an emblematic representation of the Tower of Sapience, each stone formed of some mental qualification.

Yet sapience is founde in fewe persones: and they be lyghtly olde sobre men.

Vaniman refrained from making a reply; the Prophet was displaying an embarrassing amount of sapience as to conditions.

I guess, said the tender of the bar with the sapience of his kind, that hes one of these quiet periodic souses.