Sapient [adjective]

Definition of Sapient:


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Sentence/Example of Sapient:

Then the sapient smile on the pot-boy's face ripened into speech.

Then the group of women at the gate separated with many a sapient comment.

Therefore why be sapient and solemn about it, like an editorial in a newspaper?

(p. 012) "No, most sapient Jacques: fortunately I do not need comfort as you do."

And the skipper gave his head a sapient nod, while the doctor shook his.

“No doubt,” said Fritz, laughing at this sapient declaration.

On his way down he met the sapient interpreter, Blindi Bobi.

I think I see them at their work—these sapient trouble-tombs.

And what new instance of his immaculateness has induced this sapient belief?

Can the sapient critics to whom I have been alluding take a hint?