Saponaceous [adjective]

Definition of Saponaceous:

fatty, greasy

Synonyms of Saponaceous:

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Sentence/Example of Saponaceous:

And, for the matter of that, so was Mr. Saponaceous Wood, of counsel.

In some cases, instead of the above substances, a little liquor of potassa is employed, by which a saponaceous emulsion is formed.

Disraeli once described the manner of Bishop Wilberforce as "unctuous, oleaginous, saponaceous."

Then the process was repeated with the other hand, and a quart of the saponaceous mush was packed in the right hand pocket.

Trituration with water is an excellent way to get out of them all their saline and saponaceous contents.

He forms his fifth and last class of the saponaceous, saccharine, and concrete or thick juices of vegetables.

If the matters digested with Spirit of Wine contain any saponaceous juices, the Spirit will take up those juices also.

The cloth is padded again with the saponaceous liquor; and again spread on the grass, or dried hard in the stove.

Color the grease very strongly with alkanet root, then proceed as for the manufacture of saponaceous cream.

When dry it did not fear water; though a saponaceous medium, it was not again soluble in water.