Sapphire [adjective]

Definition of Sapphire:

sky, sea color

Synonyms of Sapphire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sapphire:

Sentence/Example of Sapphire:

If you will force my modesty to the confession I believe in my heart that it is a sapphire.

Of course, Mr. Bunter, the mate of the Sapphire, was not black.

Look out, Johns, he don't cut your throat for you and run off with the Sapphire.

This last was true of them all, with the exception of the mate of the Sapphire.

The harbor lay still and beautiful, a sapphire sheet in the morning calm.

His eyes, beneath the old, old forage cap, had a sapphire depth and gleam.

Below, the lake lay blue as a sapphire mirroring a sapphire sky.

A shadow, azure as the light that tints the sapphire, accompanies her.

But there had been times when she had thought that he did suspect the sapphire.

She could give the sapphire back to Harry within the twenty-four hours.