Sapping [verb]

Definition of Sapping:

squeeze out; weaken

Synonyms of Sapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sapping:

Sentence/Example of Sapping:

It was beginning to feel that its strength was sapping away.

Slowly but surely this practice is sapping the vitality of the race.

The wind had still the sapping softness of the afternoon, but rain had held off so far.

But despite his resolution to live the loneliness was sapping Omega's spirit.

For a long time a terrible malady has been sapping her life.

All this was wearing out his strength, and sapping his very life.

They go on sapping and sapping the independence of the people.

Sieges were not now carried on by the tedious method of sapping.

Since that time the parliamentary system is sapping the foundations.

Sapping too proved most difficult in this water-logged district.