Saps [noun]

Definition of Saps:

stupid person

Synonyms of Saps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saps:


Sentence/Example of Saps:

Strafford, The wind that saps these walls can undermine Your camp in Scotland, too.

"You got these saps across the barrel," the general told him happily.

So what do we get—we get knifes in the faces, saps on the head—a concussion, you tell me!

Many planters, however, leave the saps on the vines, saving the best only.

It saps all my strength and all my pleasure in life: and to no purpose.

But, alas, an inveterate gambler; and that saps the foundations of honesty.

It is very true that saps ascend for fructification; but what is this fructification, to which you allude?

Saps: a clubbing with weapons made from saplings; synonymous with "timber."

This, therefore, left the Turkish trenches and our own connected by three saps.

In the saps on the Nek twenty and thirty dead Turks lay piled in a row.