Sartorial [adjective]

Definition of Sartorial:

pertaining to tailors

Synonyms of Sartorial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sartorial:

Sentence/Example of Sartorial:

But it was not of sartorial magnificence that he was thinking.

Sir Christopher, even a cat, believed firmly in sartorial pulchritude.

Reginald has a magnificent scorn for details, other than sartorial.

And Mary, steely polite, enumerated my sartorial shortcomings.

And here Sadler turned abruptly from art, and plunged into sartorial details.

True, he retained his inalienable air of elegance, an elegance a little too sartorial.

He was effective—the sartorial rogue; and doubtless he knew it.

Sometimes I think his ideals are mostly literary and hers sartorial.

Which runs to "beautiful coloring," sartorial, hirsute, facial?

Colonel Bramley had given the Senator a sartorial address of repute, and presently the hansom drew up before it, in Piccadilly.