Sash [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sash:

They ran to the window, drew up the sash, and looked into the crowded street.

Fascination was alike in her smile, and her sash, her bow, and her buckle.

With a crown and a sash for twenty-four hours—twice round the clock!

"I tried, sir, but there's a screw through the sash," cried one fellow.

About his waist went a sash of scarlet, such as is worn by the Northwest métis.

With rigid steps Philip walked to the window and threw up the sash.

And then he looked at the sash and the cockade, and hesitated, apparently at a loss.

Somebody had not only broken the window, but had broken every pane and the sash itself.

She pushed up the sash noisily and Frank felt the brisk air on his temples.

She went to one of the windows, raised the sash and looked out.