Sashayed [verb]

Definition of Sashayed:

pose, put on airs

Synonyms of Sashayed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sashayed:

Sentence/Example of Sashayed:

Then you sashayed up and asked her to dance every dance with you.

They balanced and "sashayed" from the tropics to the arctic circle.

We sashayed into the kitchen an' theah, jus' sittin' easylike an' waitin' right on the table, was two or three pies!

Plump mothers took part in the quaint old fashioned figures, and swung and balanced and "sashayed" in a gale of fun.

When she see Jinnie she jist made strides for the wood-shed, and old Jinnie sashayed arter her.

So they sashayed off together t'wards the nighest grocery arm in arm.

Ye remember how he sashayed round newspaper offices in 'Frisco until he could write a flapdoodle story himself?